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KikiLime has started a donation pool!
13,204 / 500,000
UPDATE - I have a job! I don't start until all the paperwork goes through, but I got a JOB!
I'm so elated! So saving for a new computer should come easier and faster for me.
So the donation widget is for Donations.
That or point payments for commissions, etc.
Thanks again for everyone that's helped me reach the halfway mark of my goal so far!

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:iconpocket-island: :iconpocket-island: :iconpocket-island:

Animated Skull Divider by Gasara

Welcome to Misfit Ranch!

F2U - Black Swirled Stars - Divider by LeaTenshiSkull Mini Pixel by GasaraF2U - Black Swirled Stars - Divider FLIPPED by LeaTenshi

Misfit Ranch Journal Image by KikiLime
This is Lacie, she's the Ranch/Acre's Owner, Mother, Caretaker, & Breeder. She doesn't like fighting, so she stays away from battles, but battles or not, she loves all her Pokemon and hopes each and everyone find wonderful and loving homes, whilst giving each one through out the Ranch the love and care needed.

Welcome to my Ranch that's a hodgepodge of all types. While I specifically go for my favorites I do lean towards Ghost, Flying and Dark types.
That and ralts, I love ralts.

If you feel to shy to Comment Here, feel free to Note Me
, I don't bite.

:tombstone:Total Patch Space: 220
:tombstone:Total Pokemon: 19…

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #2 by GasaraAnimated Pink Heart Divider by GasaraSWEET-ness Heart Divider #1 by Gasara


Most of mine are up to breed, except for a select few where they have that specific one (Life Mate) they're tied to, if you're interested in the pairings offspring though, just send a Note and I'll get with the other owner and discuss arrangements.

I like to split clutches as evenly as possible.

I don't mind helping others on their quest.
We can always discuss clutch results through note if needed.
I can discuss thought Skype as well, but only once I get to know you better thought note.


Clutches Must be split Evenly.

If you're entering the pair, and wish to use items, it must be with your own stash.

If i'm entering the pair, I'll use my own items if needed.

Item use can be discussed and have proof before and after use. I do screenshot my inventory, and will ask a mod if needed to double check on breeding's and items used.


If your curious on what's available just click here and check out the troupe -…

If you wish to have a special reserve from one of my life mated couples, message me and i'll try to breed them when I have free spots to help work things out.

:tombstone:Clutch Slots this week: Please, ask my permission by comment or by note if you wish to breed with any one of my Pokemon please.

Breedings Available

2/15 to 2/19
- Reservations OPEN
- Arthur x Simon - Lab Pass
- Wander x Barbie - skully is entering
- Heart x China - Waiting for acceptance in group
- ??? x ??? - OPEN

2/22 to 2/26 - Reservations OPEN
- Meyneth x Exile -
- ??? x ??? - OPEN
- ??? x ??? - OPEN
- ??? x ??? - OPEN

2/29 to 3/4 - Reservations OPEN
- ??? x ??? - OPEN
- ??? x ??? - OPEN
- ??? x ??? - OPEN
- ??? x ??? - OPEN

Shamrock Divider by GasaraAnimated Pumpkin Divider by GasaraShamrock Divider by Gasara


Just a few clutches that have babies for sale, take a look and see if you're interested.

The Clutches linked below have babies for sale

Bone Divider by GasaraAnimated Skull Divider by GasaraBone Divider by Gasara


Needs Art - ???
Naming: ??? - 2. ???, the Ralts/Furfrou/Riolu -(Pocket) Clutch Dump 1: Too many babies!

Needs App

Needs Posting


Clutches to do


Evolve these Mons eventually
Silas - Evolve to Mega Gardevoir
Caldwell - Evolve to Mega Gallade/Dusknoir/Darkrai (Need Mega Stone & Darkrai Splicer still)
Simon - Evolve to a Mega (Need Mega stone)
Arthur - Evolve to a Mega (Need Mega stone & Mutant Recipe)
Anna - Evolve to Gardevoir/Darkrai/Shaymin
Evelyn - Evolve to Gardevoir/Dragonair/Reshiram

Draw as Adults eventually

Level up all these Pokemon to lvl 20+ here:…

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #3 by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraSWEET-ness Heart Divider #3 by Gasara


Darkrai Darkrai DARKRAI!!!! All the Darkrai! Working on a Darkrai army! <3
Darkrai/Ralts (Hybrid/Shiny/Mutant)
Pinkan Darkrai
Pinkan Mew
Ralts/Fennekin/Spiritomb (Shiny/Mutant/Hybrid) Male
Froslass/Cresselia/Gardevoir (Hybrid/Shiny/Mutant)
Meloetta/Ninetails/Froslass (Hybrid/Shiny/Mutant)
Pinkan Duskull
2 Pinkan Ralts Male and Female
Kyogre Female
Mewtwo (Mega Y/Mutant)
Mega Diance
Sky form Shaymin
CollyWobblies Riolu design baby, OMG they're just so cute, someday i'll be able to get my hand on one of those beautiful creations!

Item Quest
Extra Patches, Lab Passes, Evo Scales, Magic Di
Galladite x 2 - For Caldwell and Arthur
Darkrai DNA Splicer - For Caldwell
Gardevoirite & Mutant Recipe - For Simon (Want multi wings for my babe)
Ralts DNA Splicer for - Noire

Animated Skull Divider by GasaraAnimated Skull Divider by GasaraAnimated Skull Divider by Gasara
Icons/banners made by Gasara & LeaTenshi


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