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Free Glowing skull Icon by Metterschlingel

Welcome to Misfit Mayhem Acres!

Pierrot PKMNation App by KikiLime
Welcome to my Acres that's a hodgepodge of all types. While I specifically go for my favorite I do lean towards Steel, Ghost, Dark, and Fire types. If you feel to shy to comment here, feel free to Note me, I don't bite.

:tombstone:Acres: 20
:tombstone:Total Pokemon: 84

Free Glowing skull Icon by Metterschlingel


~Won't be able draw till wrist heals in a few weeks, can still get rolls though TT~

Most of mine are up to breed, except for a select few where they have that specific one they're tied to, if you're interested in the pairings offspring though, just send a Note and I'll get with the other owner and discuss arrangements.

I like to split clutches as evenly as possible.

I don't mind helping others on their quest either, but if I'm breeding with you, please be willing to compromise and split the breeding as evenly as possible.

If your curious on what's available just click on their app and read where it says Breeding Status in their information below their app.

:tombstone:Clutches to do:

:tombstone:Clutch Slots this week: Please, ask my permission by comment or by note if you wish to breed with one of my Pokemon please.
Not entering breedings next week to get even more caught up and some PT stuff done
1: Nevermore App x Vela  - Results Below - (1 cross, 2 males, 1 yamask) - Sketched
2: FreezePop x Artemis App - Results below - (2 shinies, 1 males, 1 females, 2 honedges)
3: Arthur App x Keyopatra App - Results below - (Doing the whole breeding)
4: Elsa App x Sydney App - Waiting on results - ()

Week of 10/27-11/1 - taking reservations
1: Wil x Kurai - I'm Entering them
2: Delphi x Sebby - I'm Entering them, using a DNA Stone

Free Glowing skull Icon by Metterschlingel


Just a few clutches that have babies for sale, take a look and see if you're interested.
Most are just Regular Pokemon though There is a Hot Pink, Shiny Furfrou still available in one of the clutches.

Super Late Clutches - 1 Left by KikiLimeGravekeeper x Cheri Clutch - OPEN by KikiLimeSebby x Kira Clutch OPEN by KikiLime
Nightshade x Sydney Clutch OPEN by KikiLimeCollen x Sarah Clutch OPEN by KikiLimeGravekeeper x Palutena Clutch OPEN by KikiLime

Free Glowing skull Icon by Metterschlingel

Stuff I Owe


Free Glowing skull Icon by Metterschlingel


- Aturi evolved completely into an Aegislash

FreezePop x Artemis App
Clutch Size - 8
Males - 4
Females - 4
Species Numbers - 5 Honedge, 3 Shroomish
Shiny - 4
Morphs - 0
Fusions - 0
Crossbreeds - 0
Base Attack - 14

Nevermore App x Vela
Clutch Size - 6
Males - 4
Females - 2
Species Numbers - 2 Crossbreeds, 2 Snivy, 1 Yamask, 1 Tangela
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 0
Fusions - 0
Crossbreeds - 2
Base Attack - 5

Arthur App x Keyopatra App
Clutch Size - 7
Males - 4
Females - 3
Species Numbers - 3 Crosses, 2 Ralts, 1 Honedge, 1 Klefki
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 0
Fusions - 1
Crossbreeds - 3
Base Attack - 5

Level up all these Pokemon to lvl 10 here:…

Free Glowing skull Icon by Metterschlingel


Poison, Fire, Fairy, Psychic, Rock, Bug, Normal, Fighting, Electric, Flying, Ice, Shiny

Poison, Rock, Bug, Fighting, Electric, Normal, Ice, Ground, Water, Dragon, Dark, Grass, Steel, Ghost, Cross, Fairy/Normal, Psychic/Normal, Morph


Poison, Fire, Fairy, Psychic, Rock, Bug, Fighting, Electric, Normal, Ice, Ground, Water, Dragon, Dark, Grass, Steel

Zorua/Litwick (Cross/Shiny), Shiny Caterpie Female, Zigzagoon Shiny Male

Shuppet, Sunkern, Sableye

Free Glowing skull Icon by Metterschlingel

Male Pokemon

Count: 38

Arthur App by KikiLime
Simon App by KikiLime
Zeme App by KikiLime
Sebby App by KikiLime
Dalton App by KikiLime
Metrik App by KikiLime
Stark App by KikiLime
Ace App by KikiLime
Cream Soda App by KikiLime
Aturi App by KikiLime
Faris App by KikiLime
Cro App by KikiLime
Lucas App by KikiLime
Tizani App by KikiLime
Prince App by KikiLime
Drake App by KikiLime
Samuel App by KikiLime
Lich App by KikiLime
Zeekeal App by KikiLime
Nate App by KikiLime
Valentine App by KikiLime
Stewart App by KikiLime
Jake App by KikiLime
Clockwork App by KikiLime
Zeffer App by KikiLime
Cody App by KikiLime
Gravekeeper App by KikiLime
Boss App by KikiLime
Nova App by KikiLime
Collen App by KikiLime
Sydney App by KikiLime
Clyde App by KikiLime
Zuko App by KikiLime
Benji App by KikiLime
Xander App by KikiLime
Shiro App by KikiLime
Shade App by KikiLime
Nevermore App by KikiLime

Free Glowing skull Icon by Metterschlingel

Female Pokemon

Count: 46

Mazu App by KikiLime
Keyopatra App by KikiLime
Kira App by KikiLime
Bella App by KikiLime
Shadow App by KikiLime
Carmella App by KikiLime
Li Li App by KikiLime
Luna App by KikiLime
Nightfall App by KikiLime
Nettle App by KikiLime
Helen App by KikiLime
Sandra App by KikiLime
Ezri App by KikiLime
Whisper App by KikiLime
Juliet App by KikiLime
Ariel App by KikiLime
Dolly App by KikiLime
Syrin App by KikiLime
Octorok App by KikiLime
Bonnie App by KikiLime
DR App by KikiLime
Kurai App by KikiLime
Sinley App by KikiLime
Macy App by KikiLime
Donna App by KikiLime
Kiwi App by KikiLime
Daisy App by KikiLime
Chasity App by KikiLime
Sonya App by KikiLime
Dolla App by KikiLime
Angeni App by KikiLime
Nightshade App by KikiLime
Dawn App by KikiLime
Vicki App by KikiLime
Spark App by KikiLime
Sarsi App by KikiLime
Seres App by KikiLime
Audrey App by KikiLime
Maybell App by KikiLime
Cheri App by KikiLime
Mayhem App by KikiLime
Artemis App by KikiLime
Honey App by KikiLime
Lilly App by KikiLime
Winrey App by KikiLime
Silvia App by KikiLime

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